Helidon Inc is a global innovative product development company that provides unique ,distinctive and ergonomic products for the consumer and commercial markets.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all consumers to have affordable innovative and unique products that will enhance and simplify their way of life. Products should not just serve one purpose but impact the consumers overall life in a positive way. Superior products are products that increase peoples quality of life physically, mentally and socially.

We aim to provide consumers with innovative products that will increase their quality of life physically, mentally and socially.

Our vision is founded on our core company values of:
Integrity: Across all aspects of our business. From our suppliers, employees, products and distributors
Respect: Respect for the world we live in and the people that we share it with
Quality: Ensuring that we research and develop the best quality products
Honour: Proud of our company, our products and our conduct.
These shared values make up the foundation of our company and are communicated through our brands and approach to business.

Our Business Responsibility

We believe that we share a responsibility with the rest of the world to be environmentally responsible and conduct ourselves with great respect for people and places.